These Grad Gifts Will Inspire Any Senior Not Interested In College

Posted on: 10 March 2016


Not every teenager getting ready to graduate from high school is interested in going off to college right away, if ever. If this sounds like your soon-to-be senior graduate, you probably feel inclined to invoke some inspiration into their future plans. Luckily, you can use of or more of the following ideas to create an encouraging graduation gift that inspires your senior grad to learn and grow:

A Volunteer Vacation

A great way to provide your teen with an opportunity to travel while instilling a sense of responsibility in them is to spring for a volunteer vacation. Volunteer vacations are cost effective as they typically don't require anything more than basic room and board fees, and they can be found all around the world which makes it easy to send your teen to a place they have always dreamed of going. A volunteer vacation will expose your teen to new customs, languages, and foods, as well as provide them with new career opportunities they may have never before considered.

A Backpacking Kit

If your teen is free spirited, setting them up for a whirlwind backpacking trip around your state, or even around the country, may be just the thing they need to expand their interests and develop constructive life goals. Pack a large backpack with a tent, some basic cooking supplies, a couple of new outfits for comfortable travel, a new pair of shoes, some bus tickets, a little cash, an official map, and an itinerary that lets your teen know where they can expect their travels to take them. Give your teen the freedom to figure out where they will camp, eat, and explore by leaving the itinerary open aside from transportation.

A Series of Barber Classes

A fun gift option to consider for your graduating teen is a series of barber classes, as there are a variety of benefits to be gleaned from them. Barber classes are typically held in an upbeat environment, making the classroom experience fun which may result in your teen becoming interested in college before all is said and done.

Barber classes will also give your teens some unique skills they can use to create their own career or to work their way up to a high-powered position within a trendy salon in town. In addition, your teen will be exposed to others in their age range who have different dreams and goals in life and who can serve as positive influences in your own child's life.

All of these gift ideas will offer your graduating teen with some enjoyment to take advantage of right away, while at the same time provide them with experiences that are sure to last a lifetime.