Ready To Crush Your Old Car? Ways To Profit Off It Instead Of Junking It

Posted on: 17 March 2016


If you have an old car that you don't drive anymore and you don't think it's worth taking the time to try to sell it, don't drop it off at the junk yard. There are many other ways that you can reuse the car, even if it isn't the newest and nicest car on the roads.

It doesn't matter if it still runs or if it needs a little work—there are people that would like your car. Here are a few things you'll want to consider when finding a final home for your automobile.

Scrap It

If you know the car isn't worth anything and you don't even think you can sell any of the parts, you can take it to a scrap yard and get cash for it. This means that you have to haul it or have it hauled, and they may require that you do some additional prep work to the vehicle as well. This is an ideal option if you just want it gone right away and you want to make sure it gets recycled.

Donate it to a Trade School

A local trade school that has a mechanical program will want your old vehicle for educational purposes. You can donate the car and get a tax write-off for it, and they will use the car to study the parts, try to repair it, work on the body and more. This means the car will serve another purpose and help people learn.

Donate to a Shelter

If a tax write-off is something that you desperately need, another donation option is taking the car to a shelter. There are many programs for women who are victims of domestic violence, adducts who are recovering, and people who are trying to get on their feet financially that would take the car and reuse it. Your car could help someone get their fresh start.

When you donate or scrap the car, you won't have to worry about paying to transfer the title. Look into different local charities and educational organizations to find out what option is the best fit for your vehicle and what different programs have the greatest need. You will be thankful when it comes time to file your taxes that you have such a generous tax deductible car donation to put on your forms, and you will feel good knowing that you helped one or many people.